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Parallel Lines


The SATYA Committee started in 2012 with a dinner in March. The first conference in Sydney was run in August of 2012. It was first known as the Subcontinental Ministry Fellowship, and later, the Subbies Executive Committee. It was an initiative of the Rev Bruce Hall, the then Director of Evangelism and New Churches (ENC), along with like-minded South Asian Christians.

The Committee's creation was in response to the great need for gospel ministry to people from the Subcontinent/South Asia in the Sydney Diocese and beyond.

This committee was set up to function under ENC, who establishes committees to foster evangelistic enterprise among key groups within the Sydney Diocese. This fits with ENC’s wider purpose as constituted under Ordinance of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney to: “…advance the evangelistic purposes of the Diocese, including through the planting of new congregations and fellowships in the Diocese” (Sydney Diocesan Services, 2017).

SATYA functions as a network that resources Christian churches in Sydney to engage and evangelise the large and exponentially increasing number of people from South Asia in Australia. SATYA has a heart to see a South Asian Tide for Yesu (Jesus) in Australia.

In addition the updated name: SATYA,  a few changes further clarified the committee's purpose in 2022: 

A. The committee has shifted from prioritising the equipping and encouragement of South Asian Christians, to a focus on evangelising those from a Hindu faith background.

B. The Hindu Mentoring program has been launched. This program is a discipleship resource aiming to equip and mentor believers to cross cultural barriers in order to win South Asian people to Christ. The programs helps people to understand the Hindu worldview, learn from biblical principles, and sharpen each other to share Jesus in the most culturally appropriate ways - all so that Hindus would hear the gospel and be saved by Jesus, and learn to make disciples of others.

C. The SATYA committee functions as an advisory board to the Archbishop of Sydney regarding South Asian ministries. In effect, this gives SATYA the Archbishop's imprimatur to engage the Sydney Anglican Diocese and beyond to action evangelistic initiatives in consultation with the Director of ENC.

In 2023, the SATYA Committee will host the first re-launched SATYA Conference on 19 August to engage Christian people from Sydney in their understanding and evangelism of South Asians.


The SATYA Committee

The following persons are appointed to the SATYA Executive Committee in order to champion the promotion of gospel ministry to South Asian people, with a particular focus on evangelism and discipleship of people from a Hindu background, in the Sydney Anglican Diocese and beyond.

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