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Indian Family

"I am the way the and the truth and the life."


An expanding network (with a new name)

South Asian cultures are diverse, though many use a similar word for truth: satya. The truth of Yesu (Jesus) is yet unknown to many from the South Asian world.  We want to see tides of South Asians come to know Jesus in Australia.

Formerly known by Subbies or Sub-Continental Ministry , the SATYA Network invites you to grow your understanding and love for the largest group of Aussie migrants in the 2020's. 

The SATYA conference will be happening again in 2024, with the exciting topic of Holistic Discipleship. Register yourself, or even better still, come with a group from church or your staff teams. Everyone is welcome!

Set aside Saturday 7 September, 9:30am-4:30pm to be equipped, challenged, and network with others around Sydney and beyond who are eager to introduce South Asians to the Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from the main talks, there will be electives, stories, ministry spotlights, and an opportunity to fellowship over a South Asian lunch.

We are very excited to let you know that our 3 keynote speakers are Malcolm Gill, Clive Buultjens, and Peter Lin.

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